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Want to accelerate your income?

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At Senior Life, you don’t have to worry about calling friends or family to make sales.

We instantly provide our agents with the highest quality final expense leads on a daily basis. The moment a customer calls us, you are alerted through our groundbreaking technology.

Let us bring customers to you today. No cold calling involved.

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We provide you with a sales process that walks your client right down to the close. This system is effortless, error-free, and so simple that any agent could complete it, regardless of experience. Same-day pay eligibility is included for your convenience.

All at your fingertips. All in five minutes or less.

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Earn what you’re worth.

This business can take you to whatever level you choose — if you’re willing to work for it. Neither of our founders have a college degree, but they have achieved success with hard work in this industry. That’s what’s so great about final expense. No matter what background you have, whoever works the hardest is the one who earns the most. It’s that simple.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Become more than a personal producer. Become a leader.



Friends, family members, neighbors — invite everyone to follow this proven system with you. Start with just the power of five people. Help those five people hire five more. Continuously expand your team. Watch your income grow as you help others get what they want with Senior Life Insurance Company.

Discover The Advantages of Building Your Team

When you build an agency, your income can explode exponentially. The sky is the limit.

—Ron Powell | CEO & President

Ron Powell, our company president, beside a section describing his journey



arrowCEO & President, Ron Powell — Licensed Agent

Final expense took our CEO & President, Ron Powell, from broke and struggling to owning his own insurance company — in only 11 years.

That’s right! Our president began selling final expense in 1989 and was able to purchase his own insurance company by 2000. You, too, can find success with final expense.

  • Ron Powell photo.
  • 1989

    Started in final expense at 20 years old after dropping out of college. Joins his father, Dale, who had spent seventeen years struggling as a home service debit agent until he decided to make the switch to final expense.

  • 1990

    Ron and Dale fall in love with the simplicity of final expense. Together, they begin to grow an agency — P&P.

  • 1994

    Millionaire by 25 years old. P&P has become the largest final expense agency in America.

  • 2000

    Bought a life insurance company active in 6 states and established Senior Life Insurance Company. Ron suffers from a brain aneurysm, but perseveres in order to work towards realizing his dream of making Senior Life the greatest final expense company in America.

  • 2009

    Ron becomes a paraplegic after an accident. Despite his condition, Ron keeps striving forward and pushes towards continued success. No matter what happens, you can achieve your dreams with Senior Life Insurance Company.

  • 2018

    Senior Life makes first acquisition of another insurance carrier, now known as “Senior Life Insurance Company of Texas.” Over two hundred Home Office employees and thousands of contracted agents are proud members of the Senior Life family.

  • Now

    Thriving and active in 40 states plus Washington, D.C. On the lookout for more acquisitions and more leaders to expand into new states.

No matter where you are in your career, we’ve been there and know what it takes to succeed. Remember: it's not about how much you know, it's about how much you want it. If you want it, go get it. Make it happen with Senior Life Insurance Company.


See why our top producing agents love working with Senior Life Insurance Company.

“”It is an exciting opportunity to watch a company like Senior Life develop and grow. The SLICE and Leads the Way Apps are just a couple of the incomparable tools they have developed to help our agents, and more importantly, our clients.—Rob E.
“”This is a company where you can truly realize the American dream. The owners started out as agents just like you and me, and now they have opened the door for us to change our lives and build a legacy for our families.—Lewis B.
“”This is a no-limit opportunity. We need motivated talent to help us reach the thousands of customers who call us asking for help every day.—Doug B.
“”I am so thankful that I had the courage to make the call that led me to find my home in final expense.—Charaka C.
“”This opportunity allows you to start wherever you are and enables you to get to where you need to be financially. Truly, you can go from nothing to something rather quickly once you are plugged in to this proven system.-Rodrick M.
“”Senior Life provides an incredible opportunity for their agents.—Dan H.
“”Senior Life, all your life!—Lorenzo S.
“”Senior Life, all your life!—Jamey B.
“”People don’t pick their health & we don’t punish them for it. Please let us help you and your family.—Zenobia L.


We know exactly how to help you because we’re agents, too.


Our licensing experts keep the on-boarding process fast and efficient so you won’t be left wondering about your application status. Be in the field or on the phone helping your customers.

Robert Jones, the department head of licensing

Robert JonesDirector of Licensing

Licensed Agent


Our team of marketing experts designs flyers, websites, mailers, banners, brochures, folders, marketing materials, and more. Use our social media presence to expand your reach.

Thomas roach, the department head of marketing

Thomas RoachDirector of Marketing & Graphic Design

To Be Licensed

Agent Support

Our home office staff is full of licensed agents who are committed to supporting you. We are available around the clock to answer your questions or concerns.

jonathan rossi, the department head of agent support

Jonathan RossiDirector of Agent Support

Licensed Agent


Our claims department ensures that each of your clients are satisfied with our speedy service, helping their loved ones through some of their most difficult times.

savannah yancey, the department head of claims

Savannah YanceyDirector of Claims

Licensed Agent

When asked for help, we always answer the call. Going above and beyond is what we do.

Perks & Benefits

senior life offers amazing benefits to their agents
Contests and giveaways.
incentive trips for our agents
Annual trips.
we offer agents the opportunity become a part of our Rolex club
Earn a Rolex.
health benefits for our agents
Health insurance plans.
our leaders are available around the clock to mentor our agents
Executive membership.
and even more!
And more!

No license? No problem. Get started today.

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Senior Life agents are eligible to receive dental, vision, and more.


Take a look at our upcoming 2020 incentive trip.


As a Senior Life agent, you can have 24/7 access to our Company President & Company Vice President.


With Senior Life, you can earn your own Rolex.

contests & giveaways

At Senior Life Insurance Company, we give away TVs, cars, trips around the world, and more.

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We allow agents to purchase stock in Senior Life Insurance Company because we believe that you should own a part of the company that you help to build. Stock is a legacy that you can leave behind for your family.

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