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Million Dollar Agency: Lewis B.

Congratulations to Lewis B. and Consolidated Planning on their record breaking production! During this past month, Lewis B. and his team set a new agency record and issued over 1 million dollars in June of 2020. Let's continue to make 2020 a great year.

top producer joann

Top Producer: Charaka C.

Did you know that Charaka was the top agent in personal production for the month of June? Way to go, Charaka!

rising star jessica

Lady on Fire: Bianca M.

In The Blake Group, she’s known as the “Lady on Fire.” Bianca M. has proven over and over that this is a well-deserved title for her. When she sets a goal, there is no question that she will achieve it. Bianca joined Senior Life Insurance Company in May of 2019 and has been a hardworking, dedicated agent ever since.

all fired up podcast with helen

All Fired Up

In the latest episode of the All Fired Up podcast, Director of Marketing, Thomas Roach, shares his experience of working with the marketing department and how its developed over the years. Watch today!

run fast event

The Motivated Minister: Jesse S.

In Jesse’s short time with Senior Life, he’s already written a monumental $20,000 in production in just one week. Jesse’s story is a great example of how with a little creativity an agent can be cautious while still making sales.

the breakers

2020 Incentive Trip

We look forward to seeing our qualifying agents at The Breakers: Palm Beach!