More Than Just An Enrollment Tool

a slice animation showing all of the functions of the slice app

Streamline your application process.

5 simple steps.

With our SLICE App, you can send business directly to the Home Office. Sit back and relax, knowing that your business has been submitted instantly and free of errors.


present and qualify

Present and Qualify

Qualify the client by gathering their personal information, medical history, prescriptions, and tobacco or nicotine usage history.

This is all gathered by following the app’s built-in presentation.


Pick A Product

Once the client’s information is collected, eligible products will be displayed in the app.

Pick and present the best plan for your customer.

We offer affordable coverage for anyone under 85, regardless of health conditions.

Never walk away from a sale.

slice pick a product


slice tablet

Verify Accuracy

A simple, error-free process anyone can complete.

Our app crosses the t’s and the dots the i’s of any application you submit.


Sign or Record

The customer can sign instantly in the home or through a voice signature over the phone.

Our SLICE App does it all.

slice sign or record


Submit. Approved. Paid.

All in the same day.

slice collect the payment

Get paid the same day you submit a photo of a live check by 3PM (EST).

We pay daily.

Searching for customers to qualify?

With our Leads the Way App, we bring customers to you. Leads made simple. Life made simple.

leads phone showing leads the way